Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Naalo Oohalaku

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Naalo oohalaku naalo oosulaku adugulu nerpavu..
Naalo aasalaku naalo kanthulaku nadakalu nerpavu..
Parugulu ga..
Paruguluga avey ila ivala ninne cherayi..

Naalo oohalaku...

Kallalo merupulai gundelo urumulai..
Pedavilo pidugulai navvulo varadalai..
Swasalona penu thuphanai pralayamautondila..

Naalo oohalaku...

Mouname viruguthu bidiyame Oruguthu..
Manasila maruguthu avadhule karuguthu..
Ninnu choostu aavirauthu anthamavvalane..

Naalo oohalaku..

Movie : Chandamama
Lyrics : Anantha Sriram
Singer : Asha Bhonsle, Radhakrishnan K M

My Say :  

Ashaji ee pata ki aksharala pranam posaru..
'Nerpavu' ane padanni thappuga palikaravida..
Non Telugu singers padepudu Music Directors kastha shradha theesukoni
thappulu saridhidithe bavuntundi..
(Ee madya thappuga palikinchadaanni kuda commercial chesesaru)
Aina varala paduthoo unte aa thappu kuda
chandamamaku machala andhamga anipinchindi..

Simple yet beautiful lyrics by Anantha sriram :)


  1. very nice comment on pronounciation!!

  2. mastt song.. :) :)

  3. superb music...
    ah word ni ala stress chesi paditene bauntundi
    anentha superb ga paadaru..

  4. Ur lyrics collection is amazing I wish u a resplendent and musical life ahead. Bye friend

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hey, I just loved your collection. You are definitely the one who admires one's efforts for which you can only encourage them if not contribute..n yes, writing lyrics means one has experienced the feel in it..n that is received by the ones who remember some sort of background, associating some people behind a song's lyrics, n that's why songs become your favorite.
    Hats off to all the lyricists who have given us wonderful lines to our inner voices which are magically given life by the musicians.


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